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Published Saturday, October 6th, 2012

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The Revellers

He was walking through the woods one night,

It had been such a dull and dreary day,

The thoughts in his head just wouldn’t come right,

He shook himself, to clear them away.

He paced along steadily, his feet eating miles,

But no matter how long or far he walked,

He couldn’t forget the long day’s trials,

And so on and ever on he stalked.


Then all at once, he heard a sound,

So slight it almost slipped away,

Gradually he stopped and turned around,

It seemed to call, so without delay,

He stepped off the path, he didn’t look back,

He left his cares and woes behind,

And with tired eyes he followed the track,

Though the creeping night made him blind.


Up ahead, flickering and fragile, was a light,

Long he sought it, and the sound that called,

But then he heard song, and saw firelight,

In a clearing it burned, and the sight enthralled,

For all around were joyous women and men,

Singing and dancing, careless and free,

He stepped in cautiously to the little glen,

But they saw and called out in vicious glee.


“Who is this person that creeps in slow?

What is it he wants to see or know?

Why does he disturb our merry group?

How did he think we would not see him snoop?”

He was afraid then, the group gathered near,

But before they reached, one said loud and clear,

“He is but one that has wandered far,

No desire has he, our good mood to mar,

Come stranger, and share our cheer,

Pay no heed to those who laugh and jeer.”


So he came in close, drew up to the fire’s glow,

And his suspicions he slowly let go,

The warmth and light banished his sullen mood,

They brought him drink, and shared their food.

“What is the occasion,” the wanderer inquired,

“What is the event that has such joy inspired?

“Why is it you celebrate this dark night so?”

One looked shocked and said “Do you really not know?”


“We honour the moon with its wondrous light,

We thank the stars, who fill the sky at night,

Our songs are to the fire, burning wild and free,

Our revels are for all that was and all that ever shall be.”

So the wanderer smiled then, and gladly let go,

Of the cares and worries that had troubled him so,

He joined them, in a party that would never wane,

To celebrate the world, and all it did ever contain.


So if you are weary, and cares you down do weigh,

Take a walk out in the woods at close of day,

Perhaps only solitude and quiet shall you find,

But if you are lucky, and not to joy are blind,

Then to you that quiet sound will call,

To draw you from your worries’ thrall,

And join the revellers’ light and mirth,

To give boundless thanks for our beautiful Earth.

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