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Published Saturday, August 30th, 2014

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To do, 19th November 1960
Ask for a puppy for Christmas.
Find pink teddy.
Get Superman comic.
Finish picture for Mummy.

To do, 19th November 1960
Ask for a puppy for Christmas.
Find pink teddy.
Get Superman comic.
Finish picture for Mummy.
To do, 5th April 1968
Meet Polly in the morning.
Finish English project.
Fix dress.
Get money for lemon sherbet sweets.
Ask Mum what ‘quixotic’ means.
To do, 9th April 1968
Collect English Certificate.
Study fractions section from maths book – do at least half.
Meet James at the park.
To do, 10th April 1968
Study from maths book – actually do it today! Read it all.
Invite Polly over for dinner.
Practice painting.
Read the dictionary to improve vocabulary (try and drop words into conversations).
To do, 20th May 1972
Get a library card.
Take out ‘Sewing for Beginners’ from the library.
Add ruffled sleeves to ball gown.
Remind James to get a red flower to match the dress.
Remind Mum to be out when he picks me up.
Ask Polly if you’re supposed to wear heels at a dance.
To do, 22nd May 1972
Ask Mum to put ruffled sleeves on to my ball gown for me.
Avoid eating AT ALL COSTS to avoid having a podgy belly when wearing ball gown. Aim to lose minimum eight pounds this week.
Ask Polly where you can buy very nice but very cheap heels from.
Also, ask Polly how you’re supposed to walk in heels.
To do, 15th January 1973
Try to learn piano – persevere this time!
Research music colleges for the future.
Apply to Atwood Art College for time being.
Remind James he still needs to take you for a candlelit picnic.
Stop eating dessert.
To do, 19th February 1975
Finish your art collage!!!
Come up with a better project idea.
Ask Mrs Marks what she means by a ‘realistic project idea.’
Stop spending so much money and save up for adventures!
Buy a new outfit for Friday.
Get Mum to show you how to make raspberry dessert.
Buy some lemon sherbet sweets.
To do, 2nd April 1976
Tell Mrs Marks you’re quitting.
Research and apply for jobs – preferably as artist/designer/cake-decorator.
Ask Polly if you can borrow some more money.
Buy paints.
Make James’ birthday card.
Make sure you get an early night – solve the achy head!
To do, 4th April 1976
Try and scrub the icing and baking powder off navy woolly jumper.
Actually apply for jobs! (Maybe rethink the cake decorator thing!)
Buy James a birthday card.
Ask Mum for money to buy the birthday card.
Sell red dress – don’t keep things that don’t fit.
Get paracetamol for never-ending headache.
To do, 8th October 1980
Send back tax form on the way to work.
Make sure you get all your breaks today!
Ask how to do a void on the till if there’s time.
Ring opticians.
Ring Mum.
Buy steak and kidney pie for tea.
Tell James to stop buying lemon sherbet sweets.
Start going for jogs.
To do, 15th December 1981
Buy something really exciting for James – preferably cheap.
Write letter to Polly (ask what she wants for Christmas)
Buy brown hair dye.
Buy a bigger skirt.
Ring Mum (you should really visit soon!)
Look into adult evening classes to socialise – maybe life-drawing? Spanish lessons?
To do, 16th December 1981
Make something really exciting for James.
Write that letter to Polly.
Buy hair stripper and blonde hair dye.
Buy a hat.
Clean stain off work shirt.
Sort out visiting Mum!
To do, 8th February 1982
Go through Mum’s phonebook and ring her friends.
Decide on appropriate hymns.
Pick a photo for the booklet cover.
Write something to say.
Buy a black dress – nothing too small.
Clear out the house when time.
Book days off work.
To do, 9th February 1983
Get James to ring Mum’s friends.
Decide on a photo for the booklet cover.
Think of something to say.
Go to the house.
To do, 10th February 1983
Get up for funeral at 8:30 AM to arrive at midday.
Buy pink posies on the way.
Think of something to say, anything.
To do, 11th February 1983
Get up.
Eat something.
Try and leave the house at some point.
To do, 20th February 1983
Go back to work.
Go for a walk later on.
Give Polly a ring.
To do, 15th May 1983
Buy some pink posies.
Go to visit the grave.
Find/buy something to wear for later.
Meet Polly and the famous Adam at The Molt Shovel.
To do, March 1985
Go to fitting for bridesmaid dress.
Buy a present for Polly and Adam’s wedding.
Look into Spanish lessons.
Finally get new glasses.
Try and get back into art.
Start using Mum’s piano.
Do something nice for James – no work!
Write more lists – get moving!
To do, July 1987
Get cheap wedding dress at Ella’s dress shop.
Teach yourself how to sew and add ruffled sleeves (to cover bingo wings!)
Try not to eat so much.
Ask Polly to be maid of honour.
Think about a venue.
Invite friends from Spanish night class.
Research Spanish destinations for honeymoon! Barcelona? Madrid??
To do, January 1988
Pack for honeymoon in Cardiff.
Confirm time off work.
Borrow those diamond dangly earrings from Polly.
Check with those who haven’t replied to wedding invitations.
Sort out flower arrangements – sunflowers?
Check about the centrepieces. Could maybe DIY it?
Cancel the ridiculously overpriced swing band.
Make some sandwiches but make them look fancy.
Do olives and cheese on sticks if time and enough money.
To do, March 1990
Go to The Plaza for dinner to celebrate James’ promotion.
Tell all friends at work about James’ promotion.
Ask James to remind you of his job title again – ‘something in numbers’ makes you sound like an idiot.
Get pregnancy test.
To do, June 1999
Pack Emily’s sandwiches in her lunch box – no more forgetting – to avoid comments from snobby mums!
Buy some lemon sherbets to share with Emily.
Get some paracetamol for tum trouble!
Train new girl at work.
Come up with amazing project for Emily to do at school.
Buy bigger jeans.
Touch up grey roots – urgent!
Arrange piano lessons for Emily.
To do, 15th May 2005
Put Emily’s sandwiches in her lunch box before she leaves – no soggy tuna this time!
Buy more painkillers – consider upgrading to ibuprofen?
Book family trip to Madrid – hurrah!
Try to get making Emily’s costume for school play – go all out!
Book appointment with doctor for stomach cramps.
Learn to cook raspberry trifle from Mum’s old recipe.
Invite Spanish night class friends round for dinner and raspberry trifle.
Meet up with Emily’s teacher to discuss how ‘do-able’ her school project is.
To do, 10th June 2005
Pick up some tuna sandwiches for Emily from the co-operative.
Pick up prescription.
Cancel insurance on Madrid trip.
Ask Polly to take over Emily’s costume.
Buy a raspberry trifle dessert and lots of lemon sherbet sweets.
Get some rest.
To do, 2nd July 2005
Get one of the mums to pick up Emily and bring her sandwiches.
Inquire about upping the dosage.
Read that Macmillan book the doc recommended.
Get James to get you that beginners book on sewing – it can be done!
Discuss the big C with Emily.
To do, 19th November 2005
Tell James he can sell all the sewing, art, piano and cooking books.
Get James to tell work to stop ringing and bugger off.
Check James has bought Emily’s Christmas present and card.
Check James knows Emily’s favourite story.
Get James to confirm the news with Polly.
Decide on my favourite hymns.
Try and get some rest.
Take pills.
Tell James you love him.
Tell Emily you love her.
Stop making lists.

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