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Andrea Jansson

Since she was little she has loved reading and writing and has nurtured a – bordering on obscene – love for decadent popes, dusty leather-bindings, and dead, classical, and modern languages. Finding it difficult to choose between Freakonomics and Proust, she lives in the hope that her strange propensities might someday be classified as mere eccentricities.



Nadia Odunayo

Nadia became known for her sociability, energy, and general keenness whilst at university, and is now setting out to conquer the world, one venture at a time. Since childhood she has reared an avid interest in reading and creative writing, and in between athletics, entrepreneurial activities, and making a career out of taking coding classes, Nadia enjoys tea-drinking sessions between midnight and 3am, peppery pasta, and The Wire. She allegedly sleeps, but her friends are doubtful.



Matilda Ferree

Since emerging from university with a BA in History, Matilda has worked in London’s oldest bookshop, travelled parts of Asia, and helped edit two novels. She is now part of the Clear Thinking team, supporting grassroots charities in East London. For Matilda’s favourite literary character, she can’t quite decide between Matilda Wormwood and Nurse Matilda (aka Nanny McPhee) – and yes, she does have the tastes of an egocentric seven year old. When she’s not working or reading, you’ll probably find her asleep, eating a pie or walking her small army of dogs.

Sub Editor

Charlotte Day

Charlotte spends her days surrounded by stories of all kinds, as a student of English and Russian literatures at New College, Oxford. In her spare time, she enjoys grammatical nitpicking, balalaika playing, herding sheep and putting on plays. A native of Sydney, Australia, she also counts Vegemite and strong, frothy coffee among her passions.

Sub Editor

Hannah Fenster

Hannah is That Person who spies on other people’s reading material, though she often reads and writes a few pages herself, when she can sit still long enough. When she can’t, you can find her dancing in meadows or listening to stories from fellow train/plane/bus passengers. She studies English and Spanish at Goucher (rhymes with voucher) College, following a year abroad at St Anne’s College, Oxford.

Sub Editor

Kris Morgan

Kris has almost completed studies to become a high school teacher (not even he knows what he was thinking there). Having never ventured much farther than the next state over, fiction, both the reading and writing thereof, has always been his preoccupation, one he now nurtures by doggedly criticising (read: critiquing) others’ works for The StoryGraph.

Creative Direction

Andy Welland

Andy Welland is The StoryGraph’s Creative Director helping form the vision alongside developing brand and communication strategies. He enjoys the finer things in life such as a pot of tea, a little bit of Russian literature, noisy music and maybe a slab of cake. He once heard that you should end things with a great quote, so here is one for free: ‘Talent is being able to sell what you’re feeling’. 
– Elvis Presley


Creative Direction

Craig Richardson

Craig Richardson is The

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StoryGraph’s website developer, helping to bring to life and develop the online strategy for The StoryGraph. Craig enjoys whiling away hours watching films, reading and playing a good long game of Risk.