Showcasing creative writing by university students around the world.


Hello, welcome to The StoryGraph! We’re glad you made it here!


The StoryGraph is an e-publication featuring short stories produced by students affiliated to universities worldwide. The writing is accompanied by original art and photography, the artists having been inspired by the writing itself.


We started the publication after a long night of coursework, itching for something short and accessible to read to escape the monotony of continuous deadlines. We began to daydream about the publishing company we would run when we left university and, after a moment of silence, it occurred to us that:


a) We could actually start a publication company, and
b) It didn’t need to wait until we left university.


We started to think about what we wanted to read, and what students in general would want to read, realising a gap that The StoryGraph could potentially fill.


Since then, we’ve just kept on going.


We hope you enjoy what you find here, and feel free to contact us – we’re always looking for exciting ideas!


Andrea and Nadia

[email protected]